Leadership Development


Leadership Development


Our Leadership development and executive training enables leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and professional to acquire key skills that are critical for managing their business, teams, clients to reach new heights in their business and team performance.

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Team Development


Team Development


Our Leadership Workshops are designed for businesses who intend to provide leadership training to their staff on quarterly basis. Training includes upgrading the employees’ skills in up to 26 competencies. The programs provide continuity, fosters accountability and nurtures high performance team culture for maximum results, in a small-business setting.

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Our Leadership Empowerment series enables Leaders and professionals to overcome obstacles and achieve peak performance through Positive Intelligence® and Conversational Intelligence®.

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Training to Perform at greater Heights


Knowledge, Techniques and the effective Application continue to remain key challenges businesses, leaders and teams face on a daily basis. Impacts are experienced across project delivery success, operational stability, customer confidence and beyond...

Prestige Academy offers a wide range of education services enabling leaders improve business leadership, cultivate high performance teams, achieve productivity and operational effectiveness.

At Prestige Academy we are passionate about helping leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals reach new heights in the business and career. We provide relevant and timely executive training and leadership development education services to empower our clients with the knowledge to be a better version of themselves and dynamic champions in their professional and business lives. Our clients are business owners of small and medium size business organizations looking to acquire critical skills to enable them to make the right decisions at the right time and achieve higher performance. Our programs help leaders, their teams and their businesses.

Focused Business Transformation programs are available to individuals or groups within the same organizations.

The leadership development series consists of leadership programs designed from industry experience for leaders and businesses to achieve better outcomes towards business performance and opportunities of growth.

The Empowerment Series consists of professional and personal development programs designed to improve mental fitness, mastery of habits, self-command and overall performance.  They are based on 2 powerful and compelling modalities: Positive Intelligence and Conversational Intelligence. In this series leaders will learn how to boost their mental fitness and achieve peak performance through the practices of positive and conversational intelligence.

Our learning portfolio packs the “Big Player’s” advanced but complex methods into a straight forward, practical learning experience that makes a small shop think and feel like a fortune 500 company without the fear of slowing down or being overwhelmed.

Our firm’s educational offerings leverage the combined knowledge of over 50 years in local, national and global business and technology practices. Our team knowledge spans across business and technology with comprehensive industry and educational accreditations.

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