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At Prestige Academy we are passionate about helping leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals reach new heights in the business and career. We provide relevant and timely executive training and leadership development education services to empower our clients with the knowledge to be a better version of themselves and dynamic champions in their professional and business lives.  Our clients are business owners of small and medium size business organizations looking to acquire critical skills to enable them to make the right decisions at the right time and achieve higher performance.

We have been supporting the business community in British Columbia through transformational Training & Education Services for almost a decade.

Our curriculums are designed to deliver business & strategy expertise in an accelerated and compact format to address the challenges businesses face in today's economy.

Supporting the business community.....

Our team was one of the early members of the Chamber Learning Network (CLN), a network of recognized training providers and a project sponsored by the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce and an approved provider of grant eligible Training Programs.

All of our training programs are also available to businesses who are not eligible for British Columbia's Employer Training Grant Program.

Contact the Prestige team to learn more about this offering and the options available to you.

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