Brilliance, professionalism, relevant competencies, flexibility and a wealth of tools to help businesses reach new heights in their success.  Here are only some of our clients’ testimonials:

Spontaneous brilliance is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Galia. I had the pleasure of being guided by Galia during her 12-month Prestige Peak Performance Program. Above all, I was impressed with Galia’s ability to adapt the program to my needs and spontaneously produce brilliant marketing material on the fly! And, of course, her compassion, creativity and humor sets her in a coaching class of her own. In closing, Galia would be a true asset to any entrepreneur or C-suite executive looking to excel and she has my heartfelt recommendation” 


I needed a sound and business wise strategist to bounce my ideas and develop my offerings. Galia kept me focused, produced all the tools needed and the results are beyond my expectations. Her warm and professional guidance helped me to redefine and expand my livelihood. I am grateful.


If you want results, obtain coaching from Galia Shukr! Galia is decisive and strategic in areas of communication and marketing. If you know what you want to achieve, she will help you to construct a plan from ground zero to completion. She will offer information, strategies and a variety of tools to help you to execute your plan and evaluate the results. I am confident that Galia has a fantastic program uniquely tailored to meet your business needs. Galia is a pleasure to work with and brings with her a zeal for success.


I recently took the Prestige PerformanceOne program with Galia. She offers great value in her marketing training by having you perform specific tasks and exercises. She helps you realize your target market and how to present your company/services to that target market. With all that and the various tools she provides you with, you will find a new sense of confidence when marketing your services, knowing your valuable time is better spent working on your actual target market and getting a better return on time invested.   "


“I worked with Galia for my photography business. She was a great help for branding my business and developing business strategy. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She helped me move forward faster than I could have done on my own and now I have a solid business that continues to grow and expand. Thank you Galia!” 


I'm so grateful to Galia for letting me know about the Prestige POSITIVE Intelligence Program. It came to me at the right time when I needed it the most. This program is powerful and highly motivating. It changed the way I deal with my daily issues and it opened up an array of possibilities I didn't know it existed! I'm now more self-aware and I look to problem-solving in a new revolutionary way!  


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