Social Responsibility

At Prestige Academy we aim to be socially responsible citizens locally, nationally and globally.  

Our responsibility extends on our mission to make the world a better place through various initiatives close to our hearts.  When you enrol in the Prestige Academy programs, you are contributing to making a positive difference in the world.  You are committing to saving lives of forgotten people, advancing the education of orphans, improving the lives of abused individuals, finding solutions for critical illness, elevating the standards of living and reducing poverty.  

Social and Economic Responsibilities:

We have an unshakable commitment to be a part of the solution through our practices and beyond.   When you decide to benefit from our services, 5% of the proceeds are allocated to the following causes:

  • Critical illness and treatment research:
    • BC Cancer society
    • Heart and stroke foundation
    • Diabetes
    • Alzheimer
  • Local initiatives:
    • COVID-19 Food hampers and emergency Support
    • Surrey Food Bank
    • Supporting the BC SOS children Village model that includes support to caregivers, youth, and kids through residential services, program and support services, and wraparound care.
  • Global initiatives:
    • Doctors Without Borders, a global movement providing primary care and life saving treatments to people in danger around the world
    • Supporting programs that tap the initiative, entrepreneurship and resources of poor people in the developing world. Through these programs, individuals and communities in remote areas of Asia and Africa develop opportunities to improve their lives through individual initiative and collective actions.
    • Yemen Relief Fund: life-saving assistance to people in desperate need of assistance. Our donations strengthen the support on the ground in Yemen and deliver hope to those who need it. This includes food, safety, shelter and education.
    • Rohingya Relief Fund: funding for the education of Rohingya refugees and distribution of food packages
    • Contributing to the development of communities living in poverty
    • Empowering women and youth
    • Sponsorship of Syrian orphans still living in war zones

Our In-kind commitment to the business community comes in form of contributing to the improvement of the economic landscape by means of business development, leadership education, diversity and business success.  This also includes past and current contributions advancing the status of businesses:

  • Contribution to advisory and advocacy committees sponsored by local business organizations such as Greater Vancouver Board of Trade and Surrey Board of Trade.  These initiatives include helping business excellence recognitions, elevating the status of women in Canada, improving diversity in the work place and improving international trades. 
  • Contribution to community boards such as Society of economic development of British Columbia to achieve their mandate towards their members, employees, community and the government. The main mandate is helping French speaking businesses (from over 30 countries of origin) in British Columbia to improve their economic development and provide necessary support through information sharing, education and advice as required.
  • Contribution to the iAdvance certification program and its mandate to strengthen the Canadian Tech-Sector through relevant skills in the market
  • Contribution to BCS institute for IT and the advancement of professional computing community it represents

Workplace Responsibility:

Our team is our greatest asset and as such we at Prestige are committed to

  • Continuous learning for which 15% of our business time is committed to professional development for all our team members
  • Work/Life-Balance to enabling our team members to be at their best
  • Health & Safety to ensure our team members confidently perform in a safe environment

Natural Environment Responsibility:

  • Climate Change Strategy, which includes adoption of sustainability into the core of our culture for over a decade including landfill diversion, reuse, recycle, minimizing carbon footprint through use of green technology, remote work and alternative transports.

Ethics and integrity

  • Continuously apply a code of conduct in our dealing with clients and through all our business activities
  • Respect our client’s privacy as stated in our privacy policy
  • Conduct our business driven by our values and promises


Join us on our path of self fulfilment in making the  world a better place!

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