Small business owners traditionally face a thin spread of resources. They need a greater understanding on how to switch gear, start on the right foot and gain improved business growth through more focus, prioritization and clear understanding of competitiveness. Ultimately this will also lead to more Work/Life Balance due to improved time management, which in turn allows them to focus on entrepreneurship.

In business we often ask us many questions: "Where do we want to go"“Who are we” “Who do we want to be”, “What is our core”, "what is our competence", "where do we need to grow", "what is our opportunity"

Prestige Foundation programs starts with those questions in mind, helping entrepreneurs through learning of

  • Principles to regain Focus on business core mission
  • Re-evaluation methods and development of New business models
  • (Re-)Positioning techniques
  • Measurement and evaluation principles for continuous improvement

Correct application of the learnings on topics in time management, team accountability, delegation, marketing and sales strategies entrepreneurs will over time increase their business value and customer success, allowing them to dedicate more of themselves to family, community and life's passion.

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