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Client Profile
  • A counselling clinic that has been registered for one year.
  • The business owner was running it part time from an office shared with another business. She was working full time as a counsellor at a separate clinic.
  • The business had modest income with few clients
  • The business owner needed the know-how to build a proper business foundation. The Counselling schools do not teach graduates how to establish and run a business successfully.  Therefore, this issue was limiting the owner’s potentials for growth.
  • The business owner was planning to focus on her business full time. She needed help to setup up a proper business foundation and develop an expansion strategy and plan.
  • The business owner was determined to have a successful independent practice and willing to invest the needed time and energy to learn.

Enrolment in the Prestige Leadership Programs that enabled her to:

  • Develop the key pillars of her business foundation.
  • Master her Time management
  • Develop the key processes needed for client service delivery, scheduling, financial planning and management and operational management.  
  • Refine the business model to integrate the various counselling services such as relationship counseling, PTSD, trauma & depression counseling, children counseling, etc.
  • Develop the processes for hiring and managing clinical counsellors with diversified skills and expertise to expand the practice and serve more people in the lower mainland.
  • Develop an expansion strategy to open multiple clinics servicing multiple communities in 4 cities.
  • Develop a realistic operational and marketing plans.
  • Effectively execute on her marketing and operational plans
  • Initiate corrective action plans to respond to unexpected business incidents
  • Provide guidance to new clinical counselors on their personal brand and business presence
  • Develop a corporate social responsibility strategy and plan

Over a period of 24 months, the business owner has experienced a significant expansion of her business since the launch including:

  • Substantial revenue growth.  The business revenue stream and client base were quadrupled.
  • Increased business capacity through the hiring of 9 additional team members.
  • Business expansion to 4 locations in various cities in the lower mainland, supporting larger communities in the improvement of their mental wellness.
  • Improvement of brand awareness through the execution of a focused marketing plan
  • Improvement of productivity, through the hiring of an admin and bookkeeper to manage the admin and financial expenses
  • Diversification of services through hiring of registered clinical counsellors with diversified expertise, language skills and cultural background to service individuals and families from various communities and language preferences.
  • Winning of the best young professional business award from her chamber of commerce association.

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