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Client Profile

Commercial construction company with over 45 employees operating in British Columbia. Specialization in developing green infrastructure and environment sustainability for large commercial & government projects (multi-million dollars in value).  Closely working with first nation to help restore the ecosystem and environment habitat as part of large transportation or infrastructure projects. The Business Owner has a management team of 10 Senior Team Leaders.


Here are some of the challenges identified through initial assessments and interviews:

  • The company direction was unclear.
  • No strategy has been developed or verbally communicated to the team.
  • Limited project management skills.
  • Limited operational management, monitoring and delegation skills.
  • Inconsistency in some key processes & procedures.
  • Limited attention to staff recognition or team lead recognition that resulted in resentment among team members and low staff retention.
  • Breakdown in communication among some leadership team members.
  • Competition among leadership team members impacted quality project delivery for some clients.
  • Team lacked motivation and engagement.
  • Some Team Leads thinking of leaving the company.
  • Client satisfaction is not consistent.
  • Requirement for the Business Owner to be involved on projects on daily basis. The Business Owner’s private time is significantly impacted.
  • Business Owner worried about losing key Team Leads to the competition.

In view of the various challenges, a Prestige leadership development roadmap has been recommended to accomplish the goals of this engagement. This included:

  • Enrolment of the Business Owner in the Prestige Leadership Mastery  and Peak Performance Programs for a period of 24 months
  • Enrolment of the Leadership Team in quarterly Prestige Leadership Workshops for a period of 24 months.
  • Preliminary sessions with Business Owner who provided some perspective on the current company challenges.
  • Individual one on one interviews with each member of the management team who cumulatively provided a  360 degrees insight on key challenges, pain points, daily hurdles and areas requiring immediate attention. 
  • Alignment & strategy development sessions  with Business Owner and Team Leads.
  • Formal Leadership Training to upgrade the skills of the Business Owner and Leadership Team on the following disciplines:
    • Strategic  planning, goal setting, self assessments of performance and opportunities of improvement.
    • Project management fundamentals, Operational Management & Monitoring Fundamentals, and Delegation Fundamentals.
    • Significant focus on people performance management, monitoring, recognition and compensation. 
    • Communication improvement insights based on Conversational Intelligence® (CIQ), a leading-edge communication practice based on neuroscience and how the brain works.   
    • CIQ Tools, practices and application exercises to elevate the level of communication and foster a we-centric approach for teams and the organisation. 
    • Action learning exercises to  inspire team to embrace the knowledge and effectively apply it.
  • Gaining clarity on the company’s purpose, mission, vision and strategy has empowered the management team to lead more effectively and develop their individual success plans that align with the company’s strategy.
  • Gaining clarity on the leaders’ accountability and responsibility empowered the senior management team to have a consistent process around what is expected of them and how their performance will be measured.
  • Implementing regular performance reviews motivated the team leads to excel at their jobs and deliver quality projects in compliance with the expected scope, budget and schedule.  This has earned them increased client satisfaction, bonuses and performance rewards that elevated their engagement, secured their retention and sense of Business Ownership.
  • Their well-defined accountability in executing on the strategic action plan has reduced the Business Owner’s involvement and gave them the independence to manage the client relationship effectively with limited uncertainty or unanswered questions.
  • Consistency in execution on processes has resulted in time savings and reduced time on projects and happier clients (evaluated through surveys).
  • Practice of new communication tools has resulted in improved relationships with staff, effective delegation of work and provided higher accountability across the board.
  • Gaining clarify on the leaders’ roles in execution on strategy has significantly benefited the business, Business Owner, team leads and the client.  
  • Improved Communication across the board through well defined processes and embodiment of communication tools, on daily basis.
  • Improved team Motivation & engagement through nurturing a “coaching” culture between Leads and Staff. This was also achieved through the implementation of Corporate social responsibility practices within the organization.
  • Formal leadership training has given practical tools to apply immediately to their daily business situation.    This included several tools related to project management, operational management, operational monitoring, effective delegation and communication.
  • Business Owner was able to dedicate more time to family and personal matters.
  • Over a period of 2 years, relationships among Team leaders and with the Business Owners have improved, fostering a culture of co-creation (higher synergy through trust, engagement & motivation).


* Project name was changed to protect client confidentiality. 

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