Optimizing Capacity For Innovative Growth

Client Profile
  • Vancouver-based business providing technology support services.
  • The company had 2 employees and generated 130k in revenue per year
  • Kathy, a busy business owner, had little time to work on expanding her business.  She often worked on weekends.
  • She lacked the resources to provide services to more clients.
  • She needed help to increase capacity, reassess her business model and develop a sustainable strategy for her business.

Enrolment in the Prestige Leadership Mastery program that enabled her to:

  • Develop her business foundation using the key pillars of business Parthenon.
  • Develop her business model and SMART goals over 1 to 5 years
  • Develop a solid business strategy and a realistic plan.
  • Reengineer the business processes needed for employee hiring, management and retention, client delivery, vendor management and operational management.
  • Implement the strategic plan, hire top talent, delegate effectively, improve productivity and create capacity.
  • Learn the fundamentals to hire, manage and retain the right people.
  • Develop the brand messaging for her business to attract the right clients.

The Prestige Leadership Mastery program was a focused approach to develop the right strategy, plan and capacity for the business.  Over a period of  24 months, Kathy has experienced important improvements in various areas of her business, including productivity, efficiency and brand awareness:

  • Effective operational processes resulted in smooth delivery of services, higher client retention and increase in referrals.
  • Kathy improved her business capacity, created jobs for 10 more people and reduced her time as a “technician” on the business.
  • Through her focused brand messages and marketing approach, she succeeded in increasing her client base and closing deals faster.
  • An effective business strategy and plan have resulted in a sustainable approach to the business
  • The company's income increased to $ 1,200,000

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