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Is your business heading in the right direction?

The Prestige Business Focus program will enable participants to learn the fundamentals of business success, relevant tools and proven techniques to improve business practices and overall performance. Through the power of leveraging, participants will learn how to multiply their outcome with the resources available to them.  This result driven program focuses on 3 pillars of leadership and their associated topics.

  • Understanding the 3 pillars of leadership
  • Improving communication and influential skills  in any business situation
  • Developing a sustainable business foundation
  • Developing a memorable business and brand identity
  • Optimizing effectiveness through leveraging  people, processes and technology
  • Improving business practices
  • Applying the cumulative improvements to specific business situations
Learning Outcomes
  • Clarity on market opportunities and competitive advantages
  • Success by Intent and elimination of random Wins
  • Improved Focus and prioritization
  • Talented and accountable workforce
  • Business opportunities created by effective communication and relationship management
  • Improved issue remediation and client retention
  • Measured improvements in  productivity, process efficiency and marketing effectiveness using key performance indicators

The Prestige Business Focus program focuses on 3 Pillars of Leadership and their respective strategic topics:


  • Communication Style and Behavioral Assessment
  • 7 Keys To A Sound Business Architecture
  • Back to the Future Method to defining your Top Ten Life Goals
  • Gaining Clarity On Your Business Goals
  • Gaining Clarity On Your Business : Definition, Purpose, Values, Mission, Vision
  • Gaining Clarity On Your Products & Services
  • Conducting SWOT Analysis On Your Current Business & Market
  • Gaining Clarity On Your Market
  • Understanding  Your Ideal Customers
  • Studying  Your Competition
  • Defining Your Business Model And Revenue Generating Streams
  • Understanding Your Current Obstacles, Risks, Issues
  • Understanding The Fundamentals Of Personal And Business Productivity
  • Developing Your Business And Marketing Strategies
  • Defining The Key Client Acquisition Channels
  • Determining the Key Performance Indicators For Optimum Results
  • Developing Your Business Plan


  • Developing A Model  For Core Values And Messaging
  • Simplify  And Clarify Core Product Identity
  • Language Of Success
  • Business Communication Strategy
  • Raising Awareness Through Smart Social Media Channels
  • Developing Engaging Website Content
  • Optimizing Website Content & Messaging
  • Defining Your Business Identity
  • Developing Your Business Brand
  • Strategic Building Of Your Business Network
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Defining your Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Client Retention Strategy


  • Clarity on your operational management plan
  • Defining your annual budget forecast
  • Time management 101
  • Defining the key roles needed in your business
  • Defining the duties of all positions identified
  • Defining the processes and procedures needed for the duties of each position
  • Team Power: Staff hiring, engagement and retention strategies
  • On-boarding the resources needed to execute on your operational plan
  • Delegation 101
  • Client Service Delivery
  • Communication With Key Stakeholders
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators For Optimum Results
  • The Power Of Leveraging In Business
  • Operational Management & Effectiveness
  • Team performance reviews, compensations and bonus calculations
  • Team recognitions and engagement
  • Execution on your Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Financial review, management and execution
  • Keys to Effective vendor management, contracting and administration
  • Correction action plan for all deviations from plans
  • Management and monitoring
Program Duration
10 months
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