Business Operations Fundamentals

What is your definition of operational and service "excellence"?

The Business Operations Fundamentals (BOF) program is designed for professionals and business owners aiming to learn the fundamentals of planning, managing, measuring and monitoring their operations.   This program will enable them to improve their operational effectiveness and abilities to execute on their goals or corporate mandates.

During bi-weekly training sessions as well as homework assignments, participants will improve their capabilities in

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Goal setting using the GOSPA ladder
  3. Abilities to identify and manage risks
  4. Communication in business
  5. Delegating effectively
  6. Developing operational strategies
  7. Effective operational planning
  8. Operational management and  monitoring

The main objectives of this program include:

  • Learn the fundamentals to improve your ability to execute on your strategies and goals
  • Improve ability to apply the power of leveraging in your business
  • Improve your abilities to deliver higher quality with fewer resources
  • Optimize effectiveness of people, processes and technology
  • Improve operational management practices
  • Apply the cumulative improvements  concept to business situations
Learning Outcomes

This program will empower you to achieve the following measurable Learning Outcomes:

  • Implementable Execution Plan
  • Improvements in workload distribution and resulting operational efficiency
  • Engaged workforce and team culture
  • Increased return on investment in people, business tools and technology
  • Measured improvements in  productivity, process efficiency and marketing effectiveness using key performance indicators

This program consists of the following components:

  • Goals & Strategy
  • Operational planning
  • Operational management and execution
  • Operational monitoring

Each component includes Effective Communication as an integral part and participants will learn how to apply techniques in respective business situations.

Program Duration
10 months.
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