Leadership Dynamics – CORE

How do you measure listening as a leadership skill?

Leaders will learn to build trust and get extraordinary results through the application of ‘The Neuroscience of We’ to business challenges.   During bi-weekly training sessions as well as homework assignments, participants will improve their capabilities in key leadership areas by following the program modules identified in the “course components” and achieving the defined instructional objectives.

  • Improve leadership communication effectiveness through the neuroscience of We.
  • Improve the leader’s  influential skills
  • Understanding and adopting the fundamentals for team empowerment
  • Improve the leader’s  ability to lead an empowered team to achieve better results
  • Strengthen relationships with team members, clients and partners
  • Developing an effective success plan for your business
  • Ability to coach team members to lead
  • Improvement of business practices through zero based thinking
Learning Outcomes
  • Ability to elevate trust  and achieve more effective results
  • Success by Intent and elimination of random Wins
  • Adopting a “We-centric” culture to achieve greater results.
  • Reduction of unexpected risks
  • Implementable Execution Plan tailored to the business environment

Leadership Dynamics - CORE program consists of the following 12 components:


  1. Understanding the Neurochemistry of Aspirations and how different conversations activate chemicals and networks that either open or close the space for aspirations to grow.
  2. Creating Space for Aspirations for you, your team and partners
  3. As a leader, understand the capacity to connect intention and impact with others.
  4. Avoiding the top 5 mistakes leaders can make
  5. Learning the essentials for priming for trust, in any business situation
  6. Use Conversational Intelligence with teams, departments and groups to strengthen their team’s level of productivity, ability to tackle difficult challenges together and to add higher levels of value to the organization.
  7. Learning how the brain navigates and maps conversations to achieve effective communication
  8. Transform future conversations to strengthen your relationships with your team members, partners and clients. 
  9. Build foresight and learn to shape your conversational space for mutual success. 
  10. Learning the catalyst to empower better business results for you and your team
  11. Building or elevating trust so people can ensure all issues are discussed in a transparent way and people feel they are part of the solution not the problem. 
  12. Apply WE-centric activities in cross functional situations to elevate synergy, team momentum and co-creation. 

Each component includes Effective Communication as an integral part and participants will learn how to apply techniques in respective business situations.

Program Duration
8 months.
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