Prestige Leadership Success - Core

Is it time to drive significant results in your business?

The Prestige Leadership Success - CORE program is designed for businesses aiming to improve their leadership skills and achieve competitive advantage through improved communication, driving greater operational effectiveness and excelling the quality of deliverables.

During bi-weekly training sessions as well as homework assignments, participants will improve their capabilities in key leadership areas.

  1. Strategic & operational planning
  2. Effectiveness & operational execution
  3. Developing a competitive advantage
  4. Leadership skills development & succession
  • Identifying opportunities for growth by market audience
  • Developing a well targeted client acquisition strategy and plan
  • Improvement of business practices through zero based thinking
  • Communication in business as an art form
  • Mind-mapping, Mind-storming and brainstorming for optimum results
  • Developing active leadership skills
  • Building strategic partnerships
  • Effective management and monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Develop  business proposals & presentations
  • Improving performance through a cumulative improvement’s strategy
Learning Outcomes

This program will empower participants to achieve the following measurable Learning Outcomes:

  • Clarity on market opportunities and competitive advantages
  • Success by Intent and elimination of random Wins
  • Reduction of unexpected risks
  • Business model(s) re-engineered from ground up
  • Business opportunities created by effective communication, relationship and partner management
  • Implementable Execution Plan tailored to the business environment

Prestige Leadership Success - Core program consists of the following components

Strategic Alignment

  • Client service & retention strategy
  • The power of leverage

Effectiveness & operational execution

  • Streamlining your processes for success
  • Time management 101
  • Optimize business productivity
  • Improving operational effectiveness
  • Client relationship management
  • Monitoring, measuring & assessment
  • Corrective action plan

Developing a competitive advantage

  • Identifying unexplored market opportunities
  • Achieve leadership through completeness and innovation
  • Developing new products / services, or repackaging current products/services
  • Building strategic partnerships
  • Nurturing Business Relationships
  • Developing corporate proposals
  • Developing presentations to clients
  • Continuous improvement

Leadership skills development

  • Improvement of business practices through zero based thinking
  • Mindfulness
  • Mind-mapping, Mind-storming and brainstorming for optimum results
  • Delegation 101
  • Developing active leadership skills
  • Communication in business as an art form
  • Improving verbal presentation & public speaking skills to “C” level management
Program Duration
8 months.
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