Prestige Modern Marketing

Can you effectively reach your customers?

The Prestige Modern Marketing program is designed for businesses aiming to improve their online marketing skills using modern marketing techniques and achieve competitive advantage through various social media platforms.


This program will provide participants with an effective Action Plan based learning experience, which they can apply in form of an individualized approach in order to generate high quality LEADS.

  • Determining your current online presence
  • Developing an effective social media strategy
  • Developing a distinctive digital identity & brand
  • Strategic network development for your online platforms
  • Strategic value delivery to your prospects & leads
  • Relationship nurturing of your networks on social media
  • Effective methods to initiate sales process
  • Measuring your ROI
  • Maximizing your productivity
  • Outsourcing the management of social media
Learning Outcomes
  • Clarity on current online position
  • market opportunities and competitive advantages
  • Network development on social media platforms
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns
  • Measuring your ROI on social media efforts
  • Ability to outsource the management of social media to 3rd party
  • Implementable Execution of online marketing Plan tailored to your business

Prestige modern marketing program consists of the following components:

  1. Situation Analysis of online presence
  2. Developing online strategy
  3. Products & Services Description
  4. Target Market Definition
  5. Strategic Building of Network
  6. Objectives for Target Market
  7. Providing online network with upfront Value Delivery
  8. Providing online network with Interactive Value Delivery
  9. Relationship Nurturing of your network connections
  10. Planning Campaigns & events
  11. Optimize Your Productivity And Outsourcing 
  12. Measurement and ROI

Each component includes Effective Communication as an integral part and participants will learn how to apply techniques in respective business situations.

Program Duration
8 months
Program Code
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