Prestige Peak Performance

If you could do it all over again, what would you change?

The Prestige Peak Performance program is designed for businesses aiming for peak performance in their business growth, effectiveness and productivity.   This intensive and action driven program will enable participants to upgrade their leadership skills and achieve their goals faster through effective strategies, planning and execution.  They will learn the fundamentals of business success, relevant tools and proven techniques to improve business practices and accelerate growth. 

This IN-DEPTH leadership program will enable highly committed participants to upgrade their management skills, achieve peak business performance through proven strategies, relevant tools and action driven application exercises. With the Human Performance technology as a systematic approach to improving productivity and competence, this program empowers participants to lead and succeed. During weekly training sessions as well as homework assignments participants will effectively plan, execute and monitor key performance indicators.  A corrective action plan is incorporated into their operations to achieve results faster.


The main objectives of this program include:

  • Development of a sustainable business foundation
  • Improvement business practices through zero based thinking
  • Understand and apply the 4 pillars of leadership
  • Understand the fundamentals for cumulative improvements & apply principals to the business
  • Effectiveness in communication  in any business situation
  • Develop negotiation and influential skills in business
  • Establish a memorable business identity and brand
  • Develop client acquisition & marketing  strategy
  • Explore opportunities for growth
  • Improve public speaking skills
  • Create an effective and engaging business environment through leveraging  people, processes and technology
  • Risk identification, management and monitoring
  • Effective management and monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Develop requests for proposals, requests for information or a business proposals
  • Improving practices towards better customer centric business conduct
Learning Outcomes

This program will empower you to achieve the following measurable Learning Outcomes:

  • Clarity on market opportunities and competitive advantages
  • Success by Intent and elimination of random Wins
  • Business model(s) re-engineered from ground up
  • Business opportunities created by effective communication, promotion, relationship and partner management
  • Effective risk detection and mitigation
  • Effective capacity planning & execution on mandates
  • Improved issue remediation and client retention
  • Measured improvements in productivity, process efficiency and marketing effectiveness using key performance indicators and Plan-to-Action with tangible results

The Prestige Business Focus program focuses on 4 Pillars of Leadership and their respective strategic topics.


The Prestige Peak Performance program is offered to Leaders and Business Owners in a small to medium-size business setting. This program focuses on the 4 Pillars of Leadership (Foundation, Branding, Effectiveness, Growth) and their respective strategic topics.  Furthermore, this program includes an extended module on business expansion.  Strong emphasis on best practices for leaders in business will them to achieve optimum performance in their business.

For a complete list of program components, see the detailed program outline enclosed.

Program Duration
This program is completed over a period of 46 to 50 weeks.
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