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The Prestige PerformanceOne program is completed over a period of 12 months and is designed for Entrepreneurs launching new business concept.  The program consists of a hybrid approach of leadership development and business coaching for the participants to successfully achieve their goals.  This result driven program will enable them to develop a sustainable foundation for the business planning and implementation.

  • Developing a sustainable business foundation and plan
  • Effective SWOT analysis & Strategic planning
  • Determining key obstacles / risks, and managing them
  • Identifying opportunities for growth by market audience
  • Developing a well targeted client acquisition strategy and plan
  • Improvement of business practices through zero based thinking
  • Communication in business as an art form
  • Mind-mapping, Mind-storming and brainstorming for optimum results
  • Developing active leadership skills
  • Building strategic partnerships
  • Effective management and monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Optimizing efficiency by effectively leveraging people, processes and technology
Learning Outcomes
  • Clarity on market opportunities and competitive advantages
  • Delivery of key components of the business operational plan
  • Success by Intent and elimination of random Wins
  • Reduction of unexpected risks
  • Business model(s) re-engineered from ground up
  • Business opportunities created by effective communication, relationship and partner management
  • Implementable Execution Plan tailored to the business environment

The Prestige PerformanceOne program consists of the following components:

Knowing Thyself

Communication behavioural assessment and debrief

Business Concept & Opportunity

Defining the business concept and revenue generating opportunities

Defining your business offers and value to your customers

Developing your mission & vision

The Company’ Structure & Location

Structuring of the business

Researching key locations potentials

Defining the intellectual property components of the business and trademark requirements

Your Story ...

Developing your personal and business story

Operations Of The Business

Defining the operations of your business

Product And Services Offering

Developing the products and services offering

Growth Strategy

Developing a growth strategy for 1 to 5 years

Business Objectives

Defining business objectives

Targeted Customers

Defining target customers

Key Initiatives

Researching key initiatives to advance the brand

Competitive Advantages

Competitive advantage

Market Research

Market research – size, customers, competition & strategy

Developing Brand Identity

Developing brand identity

Developing Marketing Strategy

Developing marketing strategy


Messaging strategy and brand communication

Sales Strategy

Developing a sales strategy

Corporate Management

Corporate and operational management

Key  Risks

Developing a risk identification, management and mitigation plan


Business model and ROI

Key Financial Projections

Defining key financial projections

Financing Requirement & Implementation Plan

Look into financing requirements & timeline for implementation

Program Duration
12 months
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Program Outline

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