Strategic Planning For Peak Performance

Is your team moving your business forward ?

This leading edge strategic planning and leadership development program is unique and highly effective for small and medium size businesses. The “Strategic Planning for Peak Performance” program is designed for businesses who intend to develop an effective organizational and strategic plan while focusing on achieving peak team and business performance.  Training includes upgrading the employees’ skills in strategic planning, communication, effectiveness, critical thinking, prioritizing, collaboration and leadership in a culture of trust.   The program occurs with the same group of participants over a period of 12 months.   It provides continuity, fosters accountability and nurtures high performance team culture for maximum results, in a small-business setting.


The team has access to 3 workshops that will fulfill key competencies in their leadership development. The team members will learn to:

  • Improve the key business practices in strategic planning, communication, effectiveness, collaboration and overall efficiency
  • Overcome Leadership Challenges
  • Boost the Bottom Line
  • Apply the knowledge to specific business situations
  • Develop a detailed action plan to apply new learnings to future business situations
Learning Outcomes
  • Improved strategic planning developed for peak team and business performance
  • Objection management & conflict resolution through effective communication, relationship management and partnering
  • Ability to gage your impact and shift your influence positively
  • Ability to develop ways to get in front of the curve and prime conversations for trust and mutual success
  • Application of tools, practices and rituals to activate your hardwired abilities for more effective results

The workshops series is conducted with the same group of people over a 12-month period.  It follows the incremental improvement approach where the learnings from each workshop are incorporated into the following workshops in the series to maximize effectiveness of experiential learning and action driven problem solving. This strategic planning team empowerment workshop consists of 3 parts that follow the leadership development and business transformation roadmap:

Part I 

  • Discovery
    Gaining insights into the organizational landscape, dynamics and vision for success
  • Re-alignment
    Facilitation of re-alignment among all team members with Leaders & re-focus on shared understanding of organizational potential

Part II

  • Innovation    Identify opportunities for innovation and build on current successes, brands, leadership & culture

Part III

  • Validate
    • Validate direction, build internal capability for sustaining conversations, growth plans & alignment across the organization
    • Validate changes & measure success in processes, symbols, behaviors to sustain new culture
  • Evolution
    • Executing on strategic plans, communication plans
    • Foster a culture of high performance across at all levels
Program Duration
12 months
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